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Our selection of boxes offers something for everyone. If you are new to Bulgaria or you would like to pick a present for your friends and family from around the world, the box 'Explore Bulgaria' is the perfect choice. The 'Foodie' box on the other hand opens a portal to the delicious Bulgarian cuisine. We also have the 'I am Bulgarian' box which is for all Bulgarians who love their homeland and proudly celebrate their culture and traditions wherever in the would they may be.

An opened wooden box with a pocket guide, hand cream, aroma candle, coffee cup, socks, and s souvenir in it.


An inspiring introduction to Bulgarian culture, traditions, art, and history. A beautiful wooden box full of authentic presents from Bulgaria! 


A box which brings you our designer products - a T-shirt and a metal mug with traditional Bulgarian sayings. What is more, the box also includes a beautiful card from the Social Teahouse.


This is a special box for all Bulgarians who love their homeland. The combination of Bulgarian literature, beautiful jewellery, and the traditional embroidery form the perfect present!

A board with a glass of wine, chocolate, cheese, sausage, tomatoes, spices, and bread with vegetable chutney on it.


A box full of Bulgarian delicacies - a great selection of cheese, meat, wine, chocolate and spices from the best organic producers who keep the traditional taste alive.

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