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For hundreds of years the Bulgarians have preserved their spirit, faith, and authenticity by cherishing and protecting their traditions, culture and values.​ The Bulgarian women are beautiful like roses, we welcome our guests with warm bread and honey, our sorrows we treat with splendid wine, we toast with rakia, and when the Balkan spirits in us are awakened, on burning charcoal we dance. Because we can, because we are proud and inspired and when we are together we are stronger and happier!

'Box from Bulgaria' and everything we do is our message to all who want to experience our magic, to all who want to continue carrying the Bulgaria spirit in their soul, to those who want to share our history with friends and family - here, there, and everywhere!

This is a project which aims to promote the culture, customs, tastes, and uniqueness of our country. Through this box and all  out  products we want to tell you a story, to invite you to Bulgaria, to help you remember it! The box is a perfect present for all those who want to find out more about Bulgaria, for those who have visited and would like to keep a great memory, and for those who miss home and want to remember the taste of grandma's dishes.


Every box contains a number of products / items, each of which has been carefully selected to give you an authentic experience and best quality. You will be able to enjoy organic products coming from some of the best farms, craftsmen, and family businesses in Bulgaria.

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