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With its rich history and cultural heritage, warm people and tasty cuisine, Bulgaria is definitely a  country worth exploring. The box 'Explore Bulgaria' presents the perfect opportunity to do this as it brings you a selection of items which represent our beautiful country and its traditions. This is the perfect present for family and friends around the world who you would like to share more about Bulgaria with. Every item in the box comes with a description/short story in English.

Box 'Explore Bulgaria'

  • Each beautifully engraved wooden box comes with the following contents:

    • Sock with traditional Bulgarian embroidery
    • A handmade rose oil aroma candle
    • A souvenir coffee cup
    • Bulgarian cosmetics (A cream/soap with natural Bulgarian herbs)
    • A pocket-guide to Bulgaria (in English)
    • A bottle opener with traditional elements
  • For deliveries in Europe (outside of Bulgaria), please order via the following link.

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